Sunday, October 14, 2007

Upcoming conferences and talks

October 18-19 - 2nd Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research

October 17-19 - Norwegian Conference for ICT in public sector
Keynote speakers include:
October 18 - Climate Conference: From words to action for the climate challenge - what is technologically and politically feasible? (see also prior posting about Technoport)

November 13 - Biofuels and Sustainable Livelyhoods - Combining Sustainable Energy (Solutions) and Developing Countries needs, talk at NTNU by Cameron Rennie

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Spam comes in many flavours, also academic.

When people hear about spam they usually think about email-spam such as for various medications or get rich schemes, one of the lesser known spam types cater what academics enjoy, i.e. getting an article accepted (ref: publish or perish). I thought this was among the most innocent types of spam (getting accepted an article which hasn't been submitted makes no sense), but it seems I might be wrong about that.

Technoport, associated conference tracks (and UKA!)

Technoport (annual tech conference in Trondheim) seems to get a broad and interesting program this year, in addition to the business exhibition it has 4 tracks in an associated conference:
  1. Innovation (e.g. design as innovation driver and tax incentives)
  2. ICT (e.g. wireless future: wireless cities)
  3. Health Technology (e.g. Norwegian health technology to the world)
  4. Energy, Oil and Gas with 2 in particular interesting tracks:
    1. CO2 capture, Transport and Storage
    2. Climate, including speakers:
      • Norway's prime minister Jens Stoltenberg
      • VP of Renewable Energy Corporation (REC)
Since this co-occurs with the bi-annual cultural happening in Trondheim - UKA (NTNU student week, actually ~3 weeks) - I am sure the conferences will be quite crowded and the place to be around mid October.

Upcoming PhD defences at NTNU

October 11th - Computer Enhancement of Digital Images, candidate: Peter Boros

October 12th - Impedance Diagrams of the Electrodes in the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, candidate: Anne-Kristine Meland

October 19th - Digital Control of a Zero Voltage Switching Inverter for Distributed Generation of Electrical Energy, candidate: Pål Andreassen

2 Trondheim teams among top 7 in Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest!

(2nd and 7th place)

The problems they solved can be found here (and solution outline here).