Thursday, February 7, 2008

Arction in the language scene..

..but not for everyone

Paul Graham's programming language Arc currently gets a lot of attention. For many it looks indistinguishable from lisp^H^H^H^Hmagic, but since it is not for everyone that really doesn't matter.

"It's not for everyone. In fact, Arc embodies just about every form of political incorrectness possible in a programming language. It doesn't have strong typing, or even type declarations; it uses overlays on hash tables instead of conventional objects; its macros are unhygienic; it doesn't distinguish between falsity and the empty list, or between form and content in web pages; it doesn't have modules or any predefined form of encapsulation except closures; it doesn't support any character sets except ascii. Such things may have their uses, but there's also a place for a language that skips them, just as there is a place in architecture for markers as well as laser printers.", source: - 2008-Feb-7

Development in perhaps less political incorrect language alternatives include Grails version 1 and Arc in Javascript.

And as if that wasn't enough Fowler is starting to tempt developers with domain specific languages, wonder if he will take the Arc Challenge? It seems like the current replies could fill a book, beautiful code anyone? Eh, that title is already taken.

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