Sunday, October 7, 2007

Technoport, associated conference tracks (and UKA!)

Technoport (annual tech conference in Trondheim) seems to get a broad and interesting program this year, in addition to the business exhibition it has 4 tracks in an associated conference:
  1. Innovation (e.g. design as innovation driver and tax incentives)
  2. ICT (e.g. wireless future: wireless cities)
  3. Health Technology (e.g. Norwegian health technology to the world)
  4. Energy, Oil and Gas with 2 in particular interesting tracks:
    1. CO2 capture, Transport and Storage
    2. Climate, including speakers:
      • Norway's prime minister Jens Stoltenberg
      • VP of Renewable Energy Corporation (REC)
Since this co-occurs with the bi-annual cultural happening in Trondheim - UKA (NTNU student week, actually ~3 weeks) - I am sure the conferences will be quite crowded and the place to be around mid October.

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