Monday, April 30, 2007

"Multi-Core Architecture" at Google Speaker Series - 2007-May-2 17:15, R7 at NTNU

Talk by Professor Per Stenstrøm from Chalmers University

quote from announcement:
"Computing industry recently made a transition to multicore architectures. Yet, most software is inherently designed to only take advantage of the performance of a single core. As a result, society is faced with a major software crisis and strides have to be taken to smoothen the transition of software to leverage the power of multi-cores.

This talk begins with a brief summary of the reasons why multi-core architecture is the only way forward and why this is a dilemma for the software. The rest of the talk will be devoted to various approaches to convert software to expose parallelism on multi-cores. The main focus will be on architectural techniques researched at Chalmers to aid the compiler/programmer to convert software to run efficiently on multi-core architectures. These techniques include thread-level speculation and transactional memory."

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